A Guide To The Impact of Bottom Teeth Braces on Oral Health Conditions


Braces are known for straightening misaligned, inappropriate space, or crooked teeth. After placing braces, they also help boost confidence and improve oral health conditions. Many people focus only on the alignment of BOTTOM TEETH BRACES for reasons such as high cost and the fact that they may have proper teeth on the upper side.

Lower braces, called bottom teeth braces, work wonders in improving smile and oral health. Let’s discuss how braces for your bottom teeth can change your smile and delve into the realm of them.

Is It Possible To Get Braces on the Bottom Teeth Only?

Yeah, it is possible to get braces on bottom teeth only. Some people require orthodontic treatment only on single or one-arch. They may already have perfect teeth on one arch and only a simple crowding or spacing problem that they want to be modified. While some patients know neither arch is flawless, they are primarily concerned about one row of teeth to the point where they need orthodontic care.

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Crowded Bottom Teeth

People with insufficient space in the lower jaw may overlap or twist, leading to crowding. So, bottom teeth braces help in aligning these crowded teeth. Thus, it creates a harmonious smile and lessens the risk of complicated oral health issues such as tooth decay, periodontal diseases, and gum disease.

Misaligned Bite

Sometimes, people face overbite and underbite issues that influence the upper and lower teeth. However, bottom teeth braces help correct or modify the alignment of the lower teeth. As a result, it reduces the risk of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) or jaw pain.

Uneven Gaps or Spaces

Diastema is a dental condition that can happen because of uneven gaps between the teeth that may adversely affect pleasing and aesthetic smiling. Bottom teeth braces have become a go-to choice for many people for closing the gaps or spaces between teeth.

Alternatives To Single-Arch Orthodontic Treatment

Many patients opt for bottom teeth braces because they’re barely visible. They would rather not wear metal braces for a few years than have their upper arch teeth misaligned. This is understandable, especially for adult patients, and in such conditions, orthodontists often recommend Invisalign braces. These removable braces are comfortable, easy to wear, and discreet for a pleasing smile.

If you’re considering single-arch braces for bottom teeth only with the intent to save money. You can ask affordable braces near me about the flexible payment option or insurance coverage facilities. These facilities will help to ease the financial burden to some extent.

Remember that the orthodontist does not recommend single-arch braces because they enhance the risk of biting and jaw alignment issues. Placing braces for both upper and lower teeth simultaneously assures a more balanced and harmonious smile. However, placing braces over the teeth optimizes oral health and long-term results in the future.

Short Note

After reading the content from top to bottom, you’ve got a better understanding of the braces on the bottom teeth only. If you’ve decided to place braces on your bottom teeth for the financial aspect. It’s not worth it because it further creates biting and crowding issues on your lower teeth. So, it’s better to get orthodontic treatment for both upper and lower arches of teeth. Orthodontic treatment requires customization depending on individual dental health and then the orthodontist will briefly explain adult braces cost.

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